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Art & Design University Admissions Interview Guidance

Applying to an art and design university can be both an exciting and daunting process, especially when it comes to the admissions interview. The interview provides a unique opportunity for applicants to showcase their creative talents and passion for art and design directly to the admissions committee. To help candidates prepare and excel, here are some crucial points to consider:

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Know Your Work

Your portfolio is the cornerstone of your application, and it is likely that a large part of the interview will focus on discussing the concepts, inspirations and future potential of your work within. Be prepared to discuss each piece comprehensively, demonstrating your creative process, inspiration, and evolution as an artist or designer.


Articulate Your Motivations and Processes

Focus on articulating your motivation for selecting your specific field of study and the reasons behind your choice of university. You should clearly outline your creative process, discuss how you handle feedback and setbacks, and demonstrate your capacity for critical thinking and reflection—key aspects that interviewers actively seek.



Showcase Soft Skills and Interests

Interviews at some universities, such as those in the US, may delve into areas beyond your artwork, such as your outside interests, leadership experiences, and professional endeavours. These discussions aim to gauge interpersonal skills like grit and leadership. Displaying a well-rounded personality can be just as crucial as presenting strong artistic skills.


Communication Skills

Strong communication is essential. You need to articulate your ideas clearly and confidently. This includes being able to discuss your work fluently and respond to questions succinctly. Improving your subject-specific vocabulary can significantly enhance how you present your ideas.

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Engage Proactively

Being passive in an interview can be a missed opportunity. Actively engage with the interviewer by elaborating on points without being prompted, which shows enthusiasm and a deep engagement with your work. At the end of the interview, having insightful questions to ask reflects your interest in the program and shows that you are considering how you fit into their academic environment.


Interview Etiquette

Demonstrate professionalism through your body language and interview etiquette. In video interviews, ensure your setting is distraction-free, your presentation is clear, and that you are engaging directly with the interviewers. If you don’t understand a question, politely ask for it to be repeated or rephrased rather than risking an off-target answer.

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Avoid Common Pitfalls

Ensure you are thoroughly prepared by researching the course and university ahead of time. Avoid generic answers and demonstrate a genuine passion and intellectual engagement with your field. Familiarize yourself with influential artists and designers, and be able to discuss their impact on your work and philosophy.


Enjoy The Process!

Approach your interview not as a hurdle, but as a golden opportunity to express yourself and your passion for art and design. Remember, the interviewers are not there to trip you up; they genuinely want to find students who will thrive in their programmes. By being invited to an interview, you've already made a significant impression—now it's time to build on that.


Go into the interview with confidence and treat it as a constructive dialogue about your work, your inspirations, and your aspirations. This mindset can transform your interview from a stressful ordeal into an enjoyable and rewarding experience where you get to discuss what you love most with like-minded people.

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Further Support for Students

For further advice and guidance on approaching your admissions interview, contact the Global Arts Education team using the contact information below.

For students in China, feel free to reach out on the following socials:

Global Arts Edu (公众号) / GAE全球艺术教育 (视频号) / GAE Official (小红书)

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