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GAE has developed a range of initiatives working with diverse sets of educational providers.


Below is a selection of projects we have delivered recently.


International Co-Teaching Project

Working with a university preparation centre in Shanghai, GAE designed and operated models of blended co-teaching, featuring international academics teaching alongside local teachers on the ground. Students studying on the course benefit from exposure to western and eastern teaching methodologies while tutoring students to develop a body of work suitable for an application to top western art schools.


Teacher Training Programmes

GAE works with specialist academic trainers to run bespoke CPD programmes to meet the needs of arts education institutions. Examples of previous sessions have included: sketchbook development; A Level assessment; tutorial feedback and developing student action plans; embedding UK research methodologies in teaching and learning.


Creative Practice Short Courses

Alongside strategic collaborative partners, GAE developed an online short course designed to help students critically identify and develop their creative practice prior to applications to competitive masters courses around the world. Throughout the duration of the course, specialist tutors worked alongside students with online and site-based projects culminating in the development of a publication and body of work that can be used as part of an admissions portfolio.


Early Years Curriculum Development

Working with a large children's art education company, GAE provided expertise on creative pedagogy to embed international creative education methodologies into the curriculum, while training staff on the ground to deliver and further develop the curriculum in the years ahead.

Past Projects: Projects

Ken Zhong Yuwei, CEO, Artslink

"Working with Global Arts Education really helped train our team how to deliver first-class internationalised art & design education to our students here in Shanghai, and the impact on our business has been very significant."
Past Projects: Headliner

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